Resources for Instructors

This page hosts materials developed at UC San Diego that may be useful for instructors of courses in research ethics or responsible conduct of research (RCR).

Teaching research ethics online

These are three documents developed in response to the need to shift our teaching to an online format in the face of 2020 COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Approaches students (and instructors) can use to make presentations engaging, resulting in participant reflection and discussion. This is simlar to what we recommend in the context of in person courses, but tweaked to focus on approaches that could work online.
  2. FAQs prepared for students.
  3. "How to" document for use of Zoom.

Teaching on the topic of rigor and reproducibility

[NOTE: This section will be completed once a manuscript describing the project has been published.]

These materials are for a 2-hour workshop developed with support of the UC San Diego Altman Clinical Translational and Research Institute. The model described below seems to be easily adopted:

  1. Instructor’s Guide
  2. PowerPoint slides for 10-minute introductory presentation
  3. Video of introductory presentation (coming soon)
  4. SCHEDULE: Overview of workshop with notes
  5. WORKSHEET: For participants to list factors relevant to reproducibility of their research