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Current Faculty

To view a list of previous Faculty, please visit Past Faculty.

  • Brian Chen, PhD

    Brian Chen, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health & Human Longevity Science

    Bio: Health researcher at the intersection of industry, academia, and (previously) government. I am interested in creating collaborative, transparent, and equitable research environments. 

    Interests: Team science, Genomics, Aging, Conflicts of interest, Artificial Intelligence, Reproducibility

  • Mary Devereaux, PhD

    Mary Devereaux, PhD

    Instructor, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health & Human Longevity Science; Faculty Affiliate, Department of Philosophy

    Bio: Philosopher and bioethicist with extensive experience in research ethics, particularly in stem cell biology and gene editing. Training in clinical ethics (Chief of Bioethics, Rady Children’s Hospital (2014-2021).  

    Interests: Research ethics, clinical ethics, pediatric ethics, medical humanities, healthcare disparities and implicit bias training.

  • Karine Dubé, DrPH, MPhil

    Karine Dubé, DrPH, MPhil

    Associate Professor, School of Medicine 

    Bio: Interdisciplinary researcher who integrates biomedical, socio-behavioral sciences, ethics and patient engagement in infectious diseases research in the United States and South Africa. 

    Interests: Research ethics, global health ethics, public health ethics; empirical ethics; infectious diseases; human-centered clinical trial design, HIV-related research, cell and gene therapies, combination trials, adaptive trials, end of life, people with HIV.

  • Samm Hurst, PhD

    Samm Hurst, PhD

    Professor, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health & Human Longevity Science

    Bio: Bio-cultural and medical anthropologist;  interdisciplinary public health researcher; advocate for the right of Indigenous peoples to control and govern the collection, ownership, and use of their personal data. Intentional and exploratory discussion in this group is positioned within a bio-cultural ethics approach, which acknowledges that data is not a neutral commodity, but rather a product of intellectual nuance, social relationships, and cultural practices, all situated in historical context.

  • Stanley Lo, PhD

    Stanley Lo, PhD

    Associate Teaching Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology

    Bio: Collaborative projects in my group examine how faculty conceptions of diversity, mentoring, and teaching inform the ways they foster inclusive research and learning environments. We are further interested in how faculty conceptions of academic integrity and research ethics intersect with their personal and professional experiences and with the aforementioned constructs.

  • Anthony Magit, MD, MPH

    Anthony Magit, MD, MPH

    Clinical Professor of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, UC San Diego; Associate CMO, Rady Children's Hospital

    Bio: Provide consulting services for faculty and research staff conducting human subjects research at UCSD and Rady Children’s Hospital. I participate in research related to congenital pediatric disorders, shared decision making in clinical care, and access to clinical research. Administratively, I am responsible for liaison efforts connecting Racy Children’s Hospital with community providers and statewide advocacy for pediatric care. 

    Interests: Human subjects research, telehealth, physician well being, clinical and research bioethics

  • Camille Nebeker, EdD, MS

    Camille Nebeker, EdD, MS

    UC San Diego Research Ethics Program Director; Associate Professor, Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science

    Bio: As the REP director, I work across our campus community to provide research ethics education. In addition, I consult with faculty, staff and students to facilitate discussion about the ethical challenges faced when designing, conducting and reporting research. Our extramural research examines the ethical, legal and social implications of new and emerging technologies (e.g., pervasive sensors, mobile apps, social media and machine learning/artificial intelligence) in health research (see 

    Interests: human research ethics, ethics of emerging technologies;  community health research ethics (e.g. CBPR); research literacy capacity building

  • Barton Palmer, PhD

    Barton Palmer, PhD

    Professor In Residence, Psychiatry

    Bio: Clinical Psychologist; Clinical Researcher. Research foci include empirical studies of the research consent process for older adults with neuropsychiatric conditions; additional research include positive mental health/strengths-focused interventions, loneliness and social connection in the context of aging with serious mental illnesses, and neurocognitive aspects of aging.  

    Interests: Research ethics, informed consent, decision making capacity, aging neurocognition, positive mental health.  

  • Mana Parast, MD, PhD

    Mana Parast, MD, PhD

    Professor, Pathology


  • Starr Culver

    Research Ethics Program Manager