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Ethics at the Table (EAT)

Communities of Practice. A community of practices is where people who share an interest convene to learn from each other. For our learning “ethics” community, we invite you to join in conversations about topics associated with the domain of research ethics. This goal of this community is to problem-solve, share information and ideas and to create a space for collective learning. Communities of Practice can include novices as well as experts who bring diverse experiences with a goal of learning together.

We now offer a program called EAT or "Ethics at the Table” (inspired by Dr. Plemmons, Director of Research Ethics Education at UCR). At the invitation of a principal investigator, we will host virtual or in person gathering to support conversations around the practice of research in which the PI and the lab members have interest. It is meant to be informal; however, it can also be a more formal presentation depending on the topic and the context. At each EAT, we will bring snacks! We can include up to 10 lab members, including the PI. 

Contact us with question or requests for and Ethics at the Table session.