Refresher Options

Who is this for?

If you have previously taken a research ethics course, but are now being asked to do so again, it may be appropriate for you to consider the refresher option.


The purpose of this option is to minimize the need for people to simply re-take the same or different course already completed.

Who decides if this is acceptable?

While a case can be made that this option for a refresher is a reasonable substitute for re-taking a research ethics course, it is not possible for the Research Ethics Program to make the determination as to whether this will meet any particular requirement. The decision about whether this is acceptable must be made by the group, organization, or agency that has set the requirement for a research ethics course.

How does it work?

Typically, the refresher option is defined by attendance and participation in four sessions (a total of 8 hours), other than the introductory meeting, of one of the Research Ethics Program courses. If you have verified that this option may be suitable for you, then contact the Research Ethics Program.

Is 8 hours enough?

Current NIH Guidelines call for a minimum of 8 hrs of interactive, in person, research ethics training at least every 4 years. 

Will a certificate be issued to those who complete the refresher option?


How to Register: 

Please follow this link to our registration page. 

Please note the refresher course registration form is a continuous enrollment form. PLEASE DISREGARD THE START AND END DATES. Course dates and times will be scheduled by email.