Assignments Due Date

1. Participation

Attend and participate in all meetings of the course. If you will miss or have missed up to two classes: Make-up Assignments

Weekly meetings

2. Current Events

Everyone is required to come to class prepared to provide a 2-minute overview of a current event relevant to challenges intrinsic to academic, research, and/or scholarship. Find something timely (within the past year), interesting, and relevant with Google, Pubmed, Retraction Watch, newspaper, or science publications (popular or professional). To search, just use various combinations or keywords to highlight issues of interest in combination with "research ethics" or "science," etc. It is ideal, but not essential, that the story should be about research.

Jan. 16

3. Questions for Guests

Everyone in the course will be assigned to one of four groups corresponding to the four guest lectures. Each member of the group should come to class prepared to ask the guest something relevant to his/her topic.

See dates on course calendar

4. Scenario Presentations*

Students will self-select into groups as determined by the course instructors. Each group will be responsible for developing and presenting a scenario-based ‘micro-game.’ The scenario should focus on an ethical dilemma and structured on the methodology presented during the course. At an assigned time during one of the two final sessions of the course, the group presentation should begin with a ten minute summary of the nature of the scenario, and should be followed by facilitation of class discussion of the scenario-based game.

Recommended Readings:

See dates on course calendar

5. Faculty Panel

Several faculty and/or research group leaders will join us to answer your questions and for an open discussion of the ethical dimensions of the practice of science. While it is hoped that all members of the panel adhere to the highest ethical and regulatory standards, their role as panelists is only to share their own research practices and perspectives.

  • In consultation with members of your group, identify questions that might be asked of the faculty panel.
  • Questions should reflect course assignments and discussion, and will be asked, anonymously if preferred, of the faculty panel by the instructor.
Jan. 22 for Feb. 26

The course instructors are available to meet or assist by email with additional resources if necessary. To ensure adequate time for preparation of all presentations, you should forward your plans by e-mail to the course instructor no later than 72 hours before your presentation is scheduled.