Make-up Assignments

If you will miss or have missed one or two of the scheduled course meetings, then for each missed class you must complete the assignment described below.

Please note that this is an individual assignmentAny work submitted must either be written in your own words or include a citation noting the source of the work.

  1. Review any corresponding materials on the course Website and/or from the meeting that was missed.
  2. Write an analysis of an ethics case (Guidelines for case discussions) on a topic corresponding to the missed session. If no ethics topic is particularly appropriate for the missed session, then you are free to choose any topic in research ethics.
  3. Cases and background readings can be found on the website. NOTE: Cases can be found by selecting the “resources” tab for a given topic.
  4. If you wish to do so, you can instead write your own case and analysis.
  5. The case and the analysis should each be no more than 500 words.
  6. The cases and/or analyses should be printed and submitted to the course instructor no later than the last meeting of the course.