• 2016 Research Integrity Award Recipients

    Congratulations to the winners and nominees for the 2016 Academic and Research Integrity Awards

The Research Ethics Program serves as a resource for the campus community to identify and address ethical challenges intrinsic to the conduct of science, engineering, and other academic scholarship.

Overview of Ethics in Scientific Research

Dr. Michael Kalichman defines and explores the many questions surrounding ethics in scientific research. Overview of Ethics in Scientific Research course provided by AAAS Career Development Center analyzes specific cases of research misconduct to illustrate how things can go wrong. To learn more about this online course visit careerdevelopment.aaas.org

Case of the Month: March 2017

Many observers of science have noted that the high pressure, stressful environment is likely a factor in some scientists choosing to fabricate or falsify their data. On the other hand, other observers have noted that many people, including most scientists, do not commit misconduct when faced with pressure.

  • In your experience, to what extent is the research environment more stressful than for other occupations?


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