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This page links to recent, upcoming, and ongoing options for meeting stem cell ethics training requirements, as well as other research ethics education opportunities, for the San Diego Research Ethics Consortium.

If no trainings are currently scheduled, please email or continue to check our website for updated information.

Important Note: If you have not already completed the initial online training requirement for Stem Cell Ethics, it is highly recommended that you do so before attending our additional training workshops. If you do not have a UCSD identity, please e-mail to be granted access to complete the online training requirement.

Initial Training Requirement

To be approved for any use of human embryonic stem cells, each individual must first complete an "initial training requirement." Topics covered by this introductory training must include the following:

  1. Stem Cell Research: Promise, Controversy, and Scrutiny
  2. Prohibitions on research
  3. Funding limitations
  4. Training requirements
  5. Requirements for review and approval
  6. Some challenging ethical issues
  7. Responsibilities of scientists
  8. Resources

Upcoming and ongoing options to meet this requirement are listed below:

General Options:

  • Online training program: An online course titled “Introduction to Stem Cell Ethics” has now been launched. This course is available at no charge, it can be accessed 24 hours a day, and completion of the course will meet the initial ethics education requirement for stem cell researchers. If you are a student, staff, or faculty member at UCSD, then you can access the course by signing in to the UC Learning Center. If you are at an SDREC institution other than UC San Diego, please contact the SDREC office to request that you be provided with an affiliate status that will allow you to access the Learning Center. Completion of this course typically requires no more than a half hour. A certificate is issued after successful completion of a brief, multiple choice quiz.
  • Individual meetings (contact the SDREC for further information)
  • Any other equivalent experience

Subsequent Year Continuing Education Requirement

To be certified for use of human embryonic stem cells, an additional two hours of stem cell or research ethics training must have been completed each year. Because the primary purpose of this requirement is to promote a culture in which the ethics of this research is a part of what we all do, all researchers are encouraged to take advantage of ongoing opportunities for education and discussion about the ethical dimensions of human embryonic stem cell research. However, individuals who anticipate that their research responsibilities raise minimal ethical concerns may petition their institution’s ESCRO or SCRO Committee to be exempt from this requirement.

General Options:

  • The stem cell ethics components of stem cell research conferences
  • Individual meetings
  • Research ethics course taught by the UC San Diego Research Ethics Program or the equivalent.
  • Ethics seminars organized by the UC San Diego Research Ethics Program ( or the equivalent.
  • Ethics forums presented by the San Diego Center for Ethics in Science and Technology or the equivalent.
  • Any other equivalent experience

Other Research Ethics Education Programs

Attending research ethics courses at UC San Diego are generally appropriate to meet continuing education requirements in research ethics: