Jacob School of Engineering Research Ethics



With support from the National Science Foundation, the Jacobs School of Engineering launched a new initiative in 2020 to promote research ethics. More details about this project can be found here.


Guidelines Discussions

Beginning in May 2020, we have scheduled four open, online meetings to discuss respectively the four draft guidelines documents linked on the Jacobs School of Engineering Website.

Each discussion will begin with an introduction to the goals of this project and an outline of the contents of the document to be discussed. The conversation will then be opened up for feedback, including questions and suggestions.

Please Note: This is not a forum to make allegations of misconduct or air personal grievances. We are seeking feedback on what content would be most useful to stimulate thoughtful reflection and discussion among members of this community. If you have allegations regarding misconduct, information on how to report these issues is available here.

You can sign up with your UCSD e-mail address to receive notification of meeting details by submitting an RSVP here.


Discussion Meetings Schedule

Meetings will be held on Tuesdays from 10-11am

Guidelines Discussions Students & Postdoctoral Scholars

Students & Postdoctoral  Scholars Registration


Everyone Registration

Principles of Responsible Research June 9 https://jsoeethicsmeeting_  june9_students-postdocs.eventbrite.com  June 16 https://jsoeethicsmeeting_ june16_all.eventbrite.com 
Mentoring June 23 https://jsoeethicsmeeting_ june23_students-postdocs.eventbrite.com  June 30 https://jsoeethicsmeeting_  june30_all.eventbrite.com
Data Management July 7 https://jsoeethicsmeeting_   july7_students-postdocs.eventbrite.com 
July 14  https://jsoeethicsmeeting_ july14_all.eventbrite.com 
Authorship July 21 https://jsoeethicsmeeting_ july21_students-postdocs.eventbrite.com 
July 28 https://jsoeethicsmeeting_ july28_all.eventbrite.com