Related Programs

The following related programs provide opportunities to become more involved in campus and community-wide discussions on various topics in research ethics.

Bioethics and Humanities

  • The Tough Cases Series provides an opportunity for health professionals as well as those considering careers in medicine or science, to engage in discussion and increase awareness of important medical and clinical ethical issues.

Institute for Practical Ethics (IPE)

By leveraging the unique strengths of UC San Diego in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences, the goal of the Institute for Practical Ethics is to become a leading voice on the ethics and social impact of cutting edge science.

Jacobs School of Engineering Research Ethics

In 2020, the Jacobs School of Engineering (JSOE) launched a new Research Ethics Initiative to promote research ethics awareness and conversations in the JSOE.

Ethics Center

The Ethics Center holds community engagement events to bring the public and scientists together to explore ethical challenges and solutions for diverse topics in science and technology.

The San Diego Research Ethics Consortium

The San Diego Research Ethics Consortium is a multi-institution resource formed by some of the leading biomedical research institutions in Southern California with the hopes of supporting the ethical conduct of research.

ReCODE Health

ReCODE Health is here to support researchers, developers, participants and institutions to conduct digital health research.