Bioethics & Medical Humanities

The Research Ethics Program hosts several activities that can broadly be categorized as bioethics and medical humanities.

These include:

Biomedical Ethics Seminar Series

The Biomedical Ethics Seminar Series meets once monthly for faculty, staff, and students to discuss selected ethics topics. Seminars cover a wide range of ethical topics including, but not limited to, Ebola, Replication in Science, Social Responsibility, and Physician Assisted Suicide.

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Tough Cases

A related series for students is Tough Cases. This lunch-time seminar meets once monthly and provides an opportunity for medical students, pharmacy students, graduate students, and others anticipating a career in medicine or science to increase awareness of, and sensitivity to, ethical issues. Past seminar topics included Organ Donation, Forced Feeding, Data Sharing, and Informed Consent.

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Student Society for Medical Ethics

The Student Society for Medical Ethics is a campus forum for undergraduate and graduate medical students and interested others to discuss ethical challenges, investigate the history and literature of medicine, and foster student-faculty interaction. Past seminar topics included Mental Health Ethics, Social Justice, Palliative Care, and Integrative Medicine Ethics.

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The UCSD Medical Humanities Group

The UCSD Medical Humanities Group is supported by the UCSD Humanities Center and a private donor. Founded in 2012, the group brings together scholars in the humanities, UCSD physicians and medical students, and community health professionals.