Michael Kalichman

Dr. Kalichman, trained in engineering and neuropharmacology, has taught research ethics for over 25 years. He is founding director of the UC San Diego Research Ethics Program since 1997, the San Diego Research Ethics Consortium since 2006, and the Ethics Service for the NIH CTSA-funded Clinical and Translational Research Institute since 2010. In addition, Kalichman is co-founding director for the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology since 2004.

Kalichman has taught train-the-trainer, research ethics workshops throughout the U.S. and for groups and institutions in Central America, Africa, and Asia. In 1999, with support from the Office of Research Integrity, he created one of the first online resources for the teaching of research ethics, Resources for Research Ethics Education. He leads NIH- and NSF-funded research on the goals, content, and methods for teaching research ethics.  

Internationally, he has had lead roles in a collaboration between the AAAS and the China Association of Science and Technology (CAST), co-chairing the working group for RCR education at the 2010 Singapore meeting of the World Conference on Research Integrity, and assisting Korean leaders in setting a national research ethics agenda.