Mary Devereaux, Ph.D.

Mary Devereaux, Ph.D., is a philosopher and bioethicist at University of California, San Diego (UCSD). She is Acting Director of the UCSD Research Ethics Program and the San Diego Research Ethics Consortium, and Director of the UCSD Biomedical Ethics Seminars. She is Faculty Affiliate in the Dept. of Philosophy and a member of the UCSD Institute for Practical Ethics (IPE). With over fifteen years of experience in medical ethics and research ethics education, Devereaux currently provides ethics support for the WISDOM breast cancer trial and provides ethics training in the School of Medicine and a variety of graduate programs in health sciences. She is founder and Director of Tough Cases, a monthly case-based ethics discussion for clinicians and medical staff. She serves on the Hospital Ethics Committee at the Medical Center Hillcrest and at Rady Children’s Hospital, where she also served as Chief of Bioethics from 2014-2021. She speaks widely on issues in biomedical and research ethics for academic and lay audiences. Prior to her current position, Dr. Devereaux taught at Rice University, Wesleyan University, and at Bucknell University (tenured). Her publications include work on ethical and regulatory issues in stem cell research, stem cell tourism, research ethics education, gene therapy, pediatric ethics, and medical enhancement. Devereaux is a member of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities and the American Philosophical Association.