Student Society for Medical Ethics

A campus forum for undergraduate and graduate students and interested others to discuss ethical challenges in medicine and the life sciences, investigate the history and literature of medicine, and foster student-faculty interaction.

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The Society meets regularly twice a month, MTF 175 UCSD School of Medicine.

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Past Programs: 2010 - 2012

Current Year: 2013-2014


October 10th

Gattaca and Genetic Engineering
Informal Group Discussion

November 13th

Bipolar Disorder and Mental Health Ethics
Genevieve Green, International Bipolar Foundation

November 26th

Social Justice, Ethics, Morals, and
the Affordable Care Act
Jeffery Gordon, MD


Winter Break

January 23rd

Ethics of Human Cloning
Dr. Bernard Epel, Tel Aviv University


No Meeting

March 13th

Dallas Buyers Club Movie and Discussion

April 9th

Integrative Medicine Ethics
Dr. Aaron Cook

April 17th

Palliative Care in Rural India
Dr. Katherine Pettus Ph.D.

May 10th

Biomedical Ethics Conference


To be announced


To be announced


To be announced