If you find that you will be unable to complete all of the following requirements, then contact the course instructor to discuss your options.

1. Attendance and Participation

Attend and participate in all seven meetings of the course, including a review of any assigned readings before the scheduled class time. If you will miss one or more meetings, please contact the course instructor as soon as possible to discuss options for still being able to receive credit for the course.


2. Group Assignments

Students will be assigned to groups. For their assigned session, each group will be responsible for presenting on a topic relevant to the responsible conduct of research (approx. 45 minutes). Presentations should include, in some form, a review of basic information about the topic (see Resources for Research Ethics Education), clarifying the key issues, and engaging the class in discussion.


3. Pedagogical Approaches

All groups are encouraged to be creative in how best to present their material. Examples of pedagogical approaches can be found at: Approaches. Brief description are provided for a variety of approaches, but you should not hesitate to ask the course instructor for additional explanation or suggestions for resources.