General Readings

Some Recommended General Readings On Ethics

  • General Resources on Ethics (New York University School of Medicine)

  • Helga Khuse and Peter Singer, eds. (l998): Blackwell's "A Companion to Bioethics"
    Good introductory sections on ethical theory as it relates to biomedical issues. See esp. the introduction, James Rachel's "Ethical Theory and Bioethics" and the essays in Part III.

  • Jonathan Glover (1977): Causing Death and Saving Lives. Penguin.
    This text is out of print, but the library may have it. It's old, but still very good. Look at Parts I and II.

  • Francis L. Macrina (2000): Scientific Integrity. ASM Press
    This is the most widely used text for courses in responsible conduct of research. It is structured to cover the major topics in research ethics and for each includes numerous cases for discussion.

  • Gregory E. Pence (1998): Classic Works in Medical Ethics. McGraw Hill.
    He also has a companion volume, Classic Cases in Medical Ethics. Both are good in showing how philosophers use ethical principles and ethical reasoning to sort out real life dilemmas.

  • James Rachels (1986): "The Elements of Moral Philosophy." Random House.
    Good basic introduction to ethical theory. Anything by Rachels is worth reading --he's one of the clearest, most reliable authors in this area. "Elements" may be out in a new edition.

  • Robert M. Veatch (1989): Medical Ethics. Second Edition. Jones and Bartlett.
    Collection of important papers dealing with specific issues, including reproductive technologies.