Research Integrity Awards

Since 2015, the Research Ethics Program has partnered with UC San Diego’s long-standing Academic Integrity Awards program to celebrate faculty, students and allies who foster research integrity.

2016 Research Integrity Award Recipients


Student Award


Jamie Schiffer

  Jamie Schiffer - 2016 Student Research Integrity Award Winner  

Faculty Award


Camille Nebeker

  Camille Nebeker - 2016 Faculty Research Integrity Award Winner  

Ally Award


Marianne Generales

  Marianne Generales - 2016 Ally Research Integrity Co-Award Winner  

Robina Shaheen

  Robina Shaheen - 2016 Ally Research Integrity Co-Award Winner

Note: Schiffer, Nebeker, and Generales are pictured with the 2015/2016 Academic Senate Division Chair Robert Continetti and Vice Chancellor for Research Sandra Brown. Shaheen is pictured with Dean, Division of Physical Sciences, Mark Thiemens and Research Ethics Program Director Michael Kalichman.

Press Release, 2016: UC San Diego Recognizes Contributions to Campus Integrity

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