University Ethics Center Overview


The mission of the University Ethics Center is to promote evidence-based, cost-effective efforts that will increase the likelihood that faculty, staff, and students of UCSD will:

  1. Behave and make decisions with integrity.
  2. Comply with institutional, state and federal rules.
  3. Have the tools to make decisions when core values are in conflict.
Achieving these outcomes is both an ethical and a practical obligation: failure to do so comes with the potential for significant wasted resources, including time, money and reputation.


The goal is not to address only one constituency or a specific problem, but instead to provide a foundation that supports responsibility to trainees and teachers, to colleagues and peers, to the community we serve, and to UCSD. For this reason, the audience necessarily includes students, staff, and faculty.


The Center Leadership consists of:

  • Tricia Bertram Gallant, Academic Integrity Coordinator
  • Donald Larson, Controller
  • Michael Kalichman, Director, Research Ethics Program